Inspiration Collaboration Story:

He'eia Wetland Restoration

In this collaboration funded by the Hawaii Coral Reef Initiative, University of Hawaii scientists worked with the community group Kako'o 'Oiwi in their efforts to restore the wetland area of He’eia ahupua’a.

By investigating how the functions of the wetlands and associated ponds change as the ecosystem transitions from an invasive species dominated to a restored habitat, this work examined how restoration efforts may affect three primary functions of coastal wetlands: the transport of nutrients, sediments, and water through the system. Additionally, changes in species diversity and wildlife habitat, two other primary wetland functions, were also documented.

To sustain the impact of this project beyond the initial funding, the partners developed an instructional regime for training community volunteers in the monitoring techniques and data collection, and initiated logistical planning for a formalized citizen science program within the wetland.

Ocean Science Topics Covered

Biodiversity Coastal Studies Ecosystem Management Field research Invasive Species Mapping/Ecological Characterization Science Education

Frequency: daily, several times a week, once a week, once a month, a couple of times, once
Duration: several years, a year, a semester, a month, a week, a day