Inspiration Collaboration Story:

2012 RAMP & COSEE IE Education Collaboration

Each year, a team of scientific divers travel to the protected Northwestern Hawaiian Islands on the "RAMP" expedition (Reef Assessment and Monitoring Program) performing hundreds of dives to survey the health of the coral reef ecosystem.

The 2012 RAMP research expedition extended two education berths to COSEE Island Earth so that this event could be shared with the public, and students could understand what the experience was like and what the scientists were doing. A daily Facebook page update and blogs were developed to keep the public informed, with scientists providing input on outreach materials including helping to answer student questions from a remote classroom connection program. In addition, emphasis on student training allowed for undergraduate and graduate marine science students to participate in the research but also allowed for some media and education experiences.

Five students at the undergraduate level, two Masters students, and four PhD candidates were included on the cruise to assist with research goals. With the help of the scientists, the COSEE Island Earth staff initiated on-board correspondence with students from ten schools throughout Hawaii, coordinated follow-up classroom visits, and created classroom educational material about the importance of studying this island ecosystem. Two videos were produced showcasing interviews with the scientists about what life is like on the ship, and how they became marine scientists.