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Collaboration in the Classroom: Moku o Loe

Moku o Loe: The Best Kept Secret in Kaneohe Bay is a continuing education course offered through Windward Community College that introduces the history and science behind a research partnership between the University of Hawaii’s Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB) and the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument.

The course allows the public to learn about the captivating research ongoing in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands by bringing in current marine scientists and graduate students to talk about their work and the methods they use.

Aimed at the public, the class draws a wide audience of those who are interested in understanding the inner mechanisms behind marine biology research while allowing for a teaching opportunity for scientists who normally do not get to work with the general public.

University faculty and graduate students not only teach about their research, but develop a hands-on lab or class activity that demonstrates the type of work that they do. Topics have ranged from apex predators to coral health to marine connectivity and genetics.

The class has been ongoing for nine semesters and brings in new guest researchers each time. Moku o Loe: The Best Kept Secret in Kaneohe Bay is becoming an important tradition for students and scientists as a mechanism that allows for meaningful science and public education collaborations.

Ocean Science Topics Covered

Biodiversity Climate Change Coral Reef Ecology Ecosystem Management Field research Fishes Population Genetics/Genomics Invasive Species Invertebrate Zoology Marine Debris Marine Mammals Ocean Acidification Protected/Endangered Species Sharks Science Education

Activities: Lecturing
Interaction Modes: Students visit laboratory
Frequency: once a week, once a month, a couple of times, once
Duration: several years, a year, a semester, a month, a week, a day
Age Groups: Highschool, Adult, Senior
Group Sizes: Large (10-40)
Languages: English