Privacy and Terms of Use Policy

The seaHarmony website was created in order to encourage the collaboration between research scientists and the general community on all topics relating to ocean sciences. As a user and/or a member of this site, you agree to use it for the purpose of its creation. As a user and/or member of this site, you agree that any information entered on this site may be used anonymously to collect evaluation data on the efficacy of the site and may be used in publication.

Purpose of this website

Welcome to the SeaHarmony (TM?) website, operated through the COSEE Island Earth organization. The SeaHarmony website has been created with the purpose of connecting educators, public organizations, outreach individuals, and other interested parties with the marine science and research community in order to facilitate education and public outreach. The website serves a secondary purpose of collecting information for the evaluation of the website as a tool to facilitate collaborations between scientists and the general community.

Usage Agreement

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By visiting and becoming a member of this website, you agree to the entire policy outlined herein.

If you object to any of the terms outlined in the Usage Agreement and Privacy Policy, please discontinue use of the website. At any time, you may request the deactivation of your account (Opting-Out), in which case your identifying information and posts will no longer be viewable on the website. Resources that do not identify you may still be retained.

All Users Policy

By visiting this website you agree to the following:

Any information gathered may be retained indefinitely to be used for research, site improvement, administrative purposes, or for legal reasons. This website is designed for professional, educational, and scientific use, as outlined above in the “Purpose of this website” clause. You will not use this website for any illegal activities, nor any inappropriate activities including uploading or posting material that is offensive to others or unrelated to the purposes of the website as outlined above.

All public photos and information on this site are the property of COSEE Island Earth, and are not to be published, copied, or sold without clear permission from the website administrator and COSEE Island Earth

Member Policy

By creating an account on this website, you agree to the above “All Users” Policy as well as the following:

  1. SeaHarmony Account Use Policies:
    • (Eligibility) You are 18 years of age or older.
    • (Website changes/deactivation) The administrators of this website reserve the right to change usage terms, change privacy policy terms, limit use of, or deactivate your account at any point in time.
    • (Commercial use) This website is designed for professional, educational, and scientific use. You will not use this website for unauthorized commercial purposes including advertising commercial goods or services, collecting email addresses for the purpose of sending mass unsolicited messages to website users, or for the selling of any products.
    • (Spamming) You will not use this site directly or indirectly for the distribution of junk mail, including spamming or sending out mass unsolicited emails or chainmail to members.

  2. SeaHarmony Member and Interaction Policies:
    • (Content posted by you) You are solely responsible for any material you publish, display, or send to another member of the site (hereafter “post”). You will not post any content that is false, misleading, abusive, offensive, threatening, harassing, sexually oriented, illegal or violates another person’s rights in any way including content that is offensive based on race, class, sex, gender, sexual orientation, appearances, age, or any similar category.
    • (Member interaction) You are responsible for all of your interaction with other members of this site. You understand that SeaHarmony, the COSEE organization, and all other administrators do NOT run background checks of any kind on the members using the website and are not to be held liable for damages of any sort arising from interaction between you and other members of this site. You agree to take reasonable precautions when interacting with other members of this website, such as not disclosing private or financial information.
    • (Content/advice from others) Website administrators do not endorse or accept responsibility for any advice, comments, or content posted on this site by other members. COSEE Island Earth and website administrators do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any content on the SeaHarmony website, including content from other members. Website administrators cannot be held responsible for damages caused by any inaccuracies on the website, including content from other members.

Privacy Policy

The seaHarmony website does record and user-entered material into the website including (but not limited to) name, affiliation, profile information, contact email, matching preferences, and correspondence with other members. As a user of seaHarmony any information that you provide will not be identified with you personally in any reporting. Any comments that might make the information identifiable to you will be eliminated before any kind of report or publication is put together, and then it will be in a summary form. This material will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of our matching algorithms, record who and how many people use the website, and other similar purposes in order to improve the seaHarmony website. The material will be kept confidential between COSEE and seaHarmony administrators, however data collected anonymously may be used in research publications to evaluate the efficacy of the website.