Consent to Research Use of Information Collected

The seaHarmony website was created by researchers at the University of Hawaii at Manoa in order to encourage the collaboration between research scientists, educators, managers, traditional practitioners, and other professionals on all topics relating to ocean sciences. As a user and/or member of this site, you agree that any information entered on this site may be used anonymously to collect evaluation data on the efficacy of the site, site improvement, administrative purposes, research, and may be used in publication. Data collected about users necessary for the seaHarmony socio-technical network platform to function properly will include profile data (such as login name and email address) and content voluntarily posted and shared by users. In addition, the following data may be for research purposes: user match records, and user contact initiation records. Any data gathered will be stored on a secure server that only the research team members will have access to.

Benefits and Risks

There will be no direct benefit to you for allowing us to gather and analyze your usage data. The results of this research may contribute to a better understanding of how seaHarmony supports collaboration between scientists and the general community. There is little risk to you in participating in this project.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Any information that you provide will not be identified with you personally in any reporting. Any comments that might make the information identifiable to you will be eliminated before we put together any reports, and then it will be in a summary form.

Voluntary Participation

At any time, you may request the deactivation of your account (Opting-Out), in which case your identifying information and posts will no longer be viewable on the website. Resources that do not identify you may still be retained. You may further request that your usage data be removed from any future analysis.


If you have any questions concerning research using your usage data, you can contact the COSEE project principal investigator Dr. Judy Lemus at If you have any questions about your rights as a research participant, you can contact the UH Committee on Human Studies at 808.956.5007 or