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How does the gov. shutdown affect the oceans?

Published 2013-10-11

While some 'non-essential' entities that are closed due to the government shutdown seem clear-cut (i.e. turning off the Panda cam, while sad, is completely understandable), other closings are not so obvious to those invested in environmental issues. A majority of positions in the EPA and NOAA have been furloughed, which will further cause major halts to permitting and scientific research in the oceans. This in effect may result in a loss of thousands of jobs (specifically associated with commercial fisherman) over the next year, which will in turn influence food availability and economic... (more)

Nai'a Guide - Dolphin Tourism App

Published 2013-08-27

Check out the new "Nai'a Guide" app for the iPad! This free app shows Hawaii visitors how to view dolphins in an ecologically-conscious and responsible manner. For example, did you know that dolphins are largely nocturnal, and come into shallow bays to rest during the day? When overly curious swimmers harass dolphins that are trying to rest, it can upset the natural rhythm of the dolphins. Hawaiian spinner dolphins, known locally as nai‘a, are threatened by the continual disruption of their rest in shallow Hawaiian bays. The Nai‘a Guide provides information, maps, photos, audio,... (more)